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    Low growing varieties such as Silver brocade make great edging plants. Most varieties will form a dense, compact mound than is noninvasive and prefers to be left undisturbed. For the best show, combine cool-looking artemisia with hot colored flowers in shades of yellow, pink and red and dark green foliage.

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    Find the Perfect Fit for Your Garden! We're a second generation, family owned and operated perennial nursery since 1972. Our flower nursery has 5+ acres of greenhouses that are bursting with more than 1,000 varieties of beautiful perennials, shrubs, mums …

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    Artemisia - Plants with colorful foliage such as artemisia will keep the garden looking good while flowering plants go in and out of bloom. Artemisia has… Lavender Hidcote - This easy-to-grow sun perennial thrives in full sun normal garden soil. Plants vigorously grow to form mounds of fragrant, silvery foliage 18 tall 24 wide.

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    Artemisia vulgaris This species of Artemisia is most commonly known as mugwort and has medicinal and insecticidal applications. Artemisia arborescens This variety is the tree version of the wormwood plant and is considered an evergreen perennial. Growing Conditions for Wormwood. Wormwood plants grow best in USDA Hardiness Zones 4 through 9.

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    Artemisia schmidtiana 'Nana' (Wormwood) Dwarf Schmidt Wormwood, Wormwood 'Nana, Silver Mound Artemisia One of the most popular of foliage plants, award-winner Artemisia schmidtiana 'Nana' is a compact, semi-evergreen perennial forming a low, spreading mound with soft, silvery leaves divided into hair-like segments of extremely fine foliage texture.

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    Artemisia is a diverse genus that comprises mostly of perennial and aromatic shrubs and herbs. Artemisia comes under the daisy family, Asteraceae, members of which are characterized by small flower heads and alternate leaves.

    perennial artemisia varieties,

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    All perennial dianthus have pretty blue-green foliage that looks terrific paired with their deliciously fragrant pink, white, rose, yellow, red, or bi-colored flowers. Butterflies love the nectar-rich blooms, too. Use perennial dianthus in mixed containers or plant them in drifts or …

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    The genus Artemisia contains about 300 species of plants, so there's a good deal of variety, including evergreen and deciduous shrubs, perennials and annuals. It is in the Asteraceae, or daisy, family, but you won't see a lot of showy flowers. Most artemisia plants are grown for their filagree-like leaves.

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    One expert calls Artemisia (or Dusty Miller) the Gardeners Dream Plant. Its great value is its feathery foliage that adds a lovely gray-green to the garden. Partnered with red-leaved plants or bright blooms, the combinations are spectacular. Perennial Dusty Miller needs sharp-draining soil, and is very heat tolerant.

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    Oct 28, 2017· Here's how to grow Artemisia in the full sun perennial flower garden along with suggested varieties and plant evaluations from my own garden. Here's how to grow Artemisia in the full sun perennial flower garden along with suggested varieties and plant evaluations from my own garden . Recommended Varieties. Artemisia abrotanum Known as .

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    Artemisia Silver Mound Silver Mound Artemisia is a beautiful silvery green mounding shaped spreading ground cover perennial. Silver Mound is a good perennial plant in full sun. Named for the Greek deity Artemis, goddess of chastity, Artemisia makes a striking edging plant. Grow Silver Mound in sandy or well drained soil. This fast spreader is deer resistant and good for

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    Top 10 Perennials for the Midwest. Unlike the tall, spiky hollyhock, Artemisia is a low-growing perennial selected for its silver-green foliage. The common names for Artemisia may sound like a list of ingredients from a potions class at Hogwarts -- mugwort, wormwood, ghost plant, silver sage, silver mound, sagebrush -- but the plant adds soft,.

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    Lily-of-the-Valley spreads slowly through underground and makes an attractive, fragrant groundcover. New plants can be propagated by dividing clumps at any season. The delicately fragrant flowers are often used in wedding bouquets. Artemisia, Woodworm (Artemisia) Shop for Perennial Flower Seeds. Plant Information Type: perennial

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    In our Perennials catalog you can find a wide collection of incredible perennial bedding flowers and crops for your farms and nurseries.We have over 65 years of experience in breeding and producing a wide variety of perennial flowers: evergreen and herbaceous. For years Danziger has harnessed the most innovative cultivation techniques, and developed a global operation, so customers receive .

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    6: Artemisia - Top 10 Perennials for the Midwest .

    Artemisia is fairly drought resistant and does well in full sun to partial shade. Different varieties flourish throughout the Midwest in zones three through 10, and while there's probably an Artemisia that's just right for your garden, be sure you know what you're getting before you take it home.

    Artemisia absinthium - Plant Finder

    Artemisia absinthium, commonly called absinthe or wormwood, is a woody-based perennial that is grown for its attractive silver-gray foliage that adds interesting texture and contrast to gardens. It typically forms a clump of generally erect, non-woody, hairy, gray-green stems to 2-3' tall.

    Artemisia stelleriana (Beach Wormwood, Dusty Miller .

    Artemisia stelleriana is an Asian and North American species of plants in the sunflower family. The species is widely cultivated as an ornamental and naturalized in scattered locations in North America, primarily on coastal dunes and other sandy locations.

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    Artemisia varieties, such as silvermound (shown here), have fine-textured foliage that adds a soft, elegant look to your yard. Use Artemisia for: Effective in mass plantings and drifts in garden beds and borders, use it create a sense of continuity across your yard. A sun-loving perennial in Zones 4-8, you can also enjoy its tidy form as an .

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    Oct 28, 2017· Recommended Varieties. Artemisia abrotanum Known as Southernwood, this is a 48-inch-tall, spicily fragrant-leaved plant. It is not invasive but is rather a slow spreader. Artemisia lactiflora The species is interesting in that it might be the only one worth growing for flowers as well as for foliage.

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    Silver Mound Artemisia is a compact mounding drought proof ground cover and one of the most popular perennial foliage plants for sunny areas as it happily embraces heat, humidity and long dry spells. Like most other artemisias, the primary appeal is not the flowers, but rather the silvery, grey foliage which forms a delicate looking hemispherical mound.

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    This almost indestructible perennial is prized for its silvery gray, aromatic foliage that retains its color even after drying. Common names for this plant include wormwood, mugwort, and southernwood. Varieties differ in shape and form, but Artemisia lactiflora grows 5 feet tall and develops loose sprays of small white flowers in the summer. It's a super-easy sun-lover that tolerates heat, drought, and deep cold.

    perennial artemisia varieties,

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    Oct 01, 2014· Artemisia 'Silver Mound' from .gardensplendor grows into soft, silky cushion-like mounds of beautiful silvery foliage. Growing to 6-12 inches high by about 12-15 inches wide it is an .

    perennial artemisia varieties,

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    Artemisia schmidtiana, silvermound artemisia. 1' - 2'. This is a dense, mounding plant with finely divided silver-gray foliage. Plants may flop in too much heat, but can be cut back and it will form a nice new mound. 'Nana', a.k.a. 'Silver Mound', is the most common plant in cultivation. Zones 3 - 7.

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    Artemisia (sometimes known as Silver Sage or Sand Sage) is perfect companion to flowering plants and ornamental grasses. With aromatic silver-gray foliage, Artemisia provides the perfect backdrop to bring out interesting contrasts of leaf color and texture.

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    This is a very underused ornamental sage. With dissected silver-gray foliage, it is the perfect companion plant to use with other flowering perennials and ornamental grasses to bring out interesting contrasts of leaf color and texture. It almost never flowers, thus maintaining its neat appearance with no extra effort.

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    Certainly one of the most popular of foliage perennials, this forms a low cushion of ferny, silvery-grey leaves. In areas with humid summers, Silver Mound benefits from a hard clipping just as the tiny silver ball-like flowers appear, usually in mid to late June. Plants will regrow quickly and remain attractive all …

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    How to Care for a Silver Mound Plant. Whisper-soft silver-green foliage reminiscent of pearl-gray summer fog make compact "Silver Mound" artemisia (Artemisia schmidtiana "Silver Mound") the perfect plant to connect a coastal garden with the surrounding water and sky. Its lacy leaves shimmering in the wind mimic sunlight skipping over ocean waves.

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    Artemisia 'Powis Castle' is a large, mounding, shrubby perennial with feathery, silvery gray foliage. Use Artemisia in mixed perennial borders to provide evergreen foliage, color, contrast and texture. Their silvery gray foliage makes a beautiful backdrop for plants with purple or dark foliage, or to highlight rose blooms and other flowers.

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